Hiperbaric 1KS 95 - Compressor Group

Hiperbaric offers a complete Plug & Play solution for hydrogen refueling or H2 storage stations, with a compact and safe compressor group. The modular and scalable concept of our compressor adapts to the most demanding levels of production and demand.

Hiperbaric 1KS 95 Compressor Group generates H2 inlet pressures of up to 20 – 40 bar and outlet pressures of up to 950 bar.

Compressor Group Systems



1KS 95

Hiperbaric 1KS 95 compressor unit consists of elements specifically designed for hydrogen compression, making it a safe, scalable and efficient technology:  

  • Two-stage Intensifier Cylinder
  • Hydraulic System
  • Refrigeration System
  • Vent Circuit
  • Instrumentation and Control Panel
  • Pneumatic Circuit

Intensifier Cylinder

The most important component of the compressor group is the high pressure piston intensifier cylinder, created by Hiperbaric. The technology is based on a two-stage intensifier system with high hydraulic and cooling efficiency.

Inlet Hydrogen Pressure

20 - 200 bar

Delivery hydrogen Pressure

Up to 950 bar
Up to 95 MPa

Minimum flow rate

125m3N/h - 10Kg/h

Maximum flow rate

550m3N/h - 50Kg/h

Hiperbaric 1 KS 95 Main Features:

  • Hydrogen of high purity due to its “Oil-Free” design.
  • More efficient cooling due to the innovative design of the multiplier sleevesenfriamiento.
  • Greater compression efficiency requiring less energy.
  • Modular design requiring one or two intensifiers cylinders depending on the hydrogen flow rate.
  • Safe and reliable plug-and-play solution, with an efficient venting system.

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Hiperbaric hydrogen compressors are designed and manufactured in accordance with the most stringent international directives and standards. The compressor can be installed in any country in the world. The regulations under which they are designed are:

  • DIRECTIVE 1999/92 / EC Risks due to explosive atmospheres.
  • DIRECTIVE 2014/34 / EU Protective equipment and systems for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.