Today, the most demanding industrial sectors require their most critical components to meet strict quality standards in order to provide a safe and reliable product. Hiperbaric's precision machining services guarantee a high quality of the manufactured components to obtain the required tolerance.

Hiperbaric is the world leader in HPP technology, partly thanks to precision machining, which has forced us to grow in infrastructure, resources and strategy. We manufacture under the most rigorous standards in the world, such as ASME VIII div. 3.


Our specialty is large parts and machining. However, the capacity of our technical design office allows us to carry out a wide range of work, always in line with the manufacture of high added value parts that require 100% guaranteed precision:

    • Work on various parts: structures, molds, matrices, profiles, beams, worm drives, shafts, pins, bearings, supports, transmissions, gears, special size bushings, bearings, hydraulic cylinders...
    • Milling capacity up to 26,000mm, 3,800mm, 1,500mm
    • Lathe capacity up to Ø=800mm x 2.000mm.
    • Applications in various materials: high-strength stainless steel, carbon steel, cast material and others.
    • Assistance for the most technologically demanding sectors: automotive, transport, machine construction, capital goods, aeronautics and food.


Reliability and security have opened the doors of important national and international companies to us. Get on board!

Facilities & equipment

A 4,000 sqm building dedicated exclusively to precision machining and equipped with a wide range of equipment suitable for machining parts of highly variable shapes and sizes.

Fresadora Tipo Puente Móvil Correa Fox M 26.000 x 3.750 x 1.500mm
Fresadora Tipo Puente y Mesa Móvil Correa FP50/80 8.000 x 3.800 x 1.250mm
Fresadora Tipo Puente y Mesa Móvil Correa FP60 5.000 x 3.300 x 1.000mm
Fresadora Tipo Bancada Fija y Mesa Móvil Correa Diana 25 2.500 x 1.000 x 1.000mm
Fresadora Bancada Fija y Mesa Móvil Correa CF22/20 2.000 x 800 x 800mm
Torno Paralelo de Precisión automático PINACHO Smart-Turn 5/310 Ø=620mm x 1.500mm
Sierra de Cinta Behringer HBP 1080
Grúas Puente GH 2 X 32T + 1 X 16T + 1 X 32T con gancho 5T