High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology has become the fastest growing non-thermal food preservation technique. It enables food brands to offer safe and fresh-like quality products with an extended shelf life. Current consumer is increasingly looking for products with fresh and natural ingredients, while demanding the highest standards of food safety. This is where HPP technology comes in.

This cold preservation technique transmits high levels of pressure to food through water. This way, it is possible to achieve the inactivation of different microorganisms without the need of adding any preservatives. Being a non-thermal treatment, it maintains the freshness of the product, as well as the sensory and nutritional properties of the food. In addition, it guarantees food safety, prolongs the shelf life of the product and it is applicable to a wide variety of products, from juices and all kinds of beverages, to guacamole, sauces and spreads, meat products, fish and shellfish, ready meals, baby food, and even pet food.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Introduction to high pressure processing (HPP), industrial equipment and HPP market in Brazil and Portugal
  • HPP applications: inactivation of microorganisms and shelf life extension
  • Case Study by BRF, a Brazilian meat products manufactuer and one of the largest food companies in the world
  • Case Study by GL (Sonatural), Portuguese producer of HPP juices, drinks and plant-based products.
  • Q&A

Language: Portuguese

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Margarida círculo buena

Margarida Rodeigues
HPP Applications Specialist

Rui web

Rui Queirós, Ph.D.
HPP Applications Specialist

patricia redondo

Patricia Battistella
New Process & Products Specialist


Douglas redondo

Douglas Gilman
Founder & Co-CEO