H2 compression equipment

Hiperbaric’s compact and safe compressor offers a solution for all types of hydrogen. Its modular concept is perfectly suited to even the most demanding levels of production and supply. Hiperbaric’s compression technology solutions are designed with high-quality, resistant and flexible parts made from the best materials to achieve maximum resistance and totally safe operation.

Hiperbaric Compressor is able to supply a hydrogen flow of between 40 bar and 900 bar, with an in-built refrigeration system, meaning that it can compress hydrogen and fill hydrogen storage tanks within this range.

The technology conceived by Hiperbaric is based on double-stage compressors with excellent hydraulic and refrigeration efficiency.

Input pressure

40-200 bar

Maximum output pressure

900 bar

Minimum flow


Maximum flow


For higher production levels, Hiperbaric offers a modular combination which combines with the base unit of its compressor.


Hiperbaric's hydrogen compressors are designed and manufactured in line with the most rigorous international directives and standards. Our high-pressure equipment can be installed anywhere in the world. It is designed in compliance with:

  • DIRECTIVE 1999/92/EC Risks from explosive atmospheres.
  • DIRECTIVE 2014/34/EU Equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres.