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Creta Farm, Greek in origin, since 1970, it has focused on the production of processed meats. From the year 2000, they launched a new category of charcuterie products manufactured with extra virgin olive oil instead of animal fat, propelling the company to become one of the biggest charcuterie company groups in Greece. These products are very recognized both amongst consumers (for their flavour and quality) and by the scientific community.

Since 2007, Creta Farm has had a presence in the USA where it is widely accepted by American consumers and by the main American heart association. Expanding, in this way, a completely innovative and unique concept, offering high-quality, flavoursome and healthy products in the countries in which it has a presence.

Creta Farm has 800 employees, 490 of which are located in the Crete production plant in the town of Rethymno; and it also has its own distribution centres in the main Greek cities such as Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Patras and Larissa.

Creta Farms ensures pasteurization of the final product by applying high hydrostatic pressure for a short time in a water tank:

The process ensures 100% safety in a natural way.

It preserves the product’s nutritional elements and taste down to the last slice.  Guaranteed freshness for up to 10 days from opening the package.


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