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Simpson Farms is an Australian owned and operated second generation horticulture production and marketing business based in the Childers region in Queensland Australia.

The company’s main focus is the sustainable production of high quality fresh avocado fruit.  Fresh fruit are supplied nationally to meet the growing demand by the Australian consumers for fresh avocados. Simpson Farms supplies avocados to the Australian market for seven months of the year from March to September. The main varieties of avocado grown are Hass, Shepard, Wurtz and Reed.

Simpson farms is a vertically integrated company.  The company owns and manages 1200ha of avocados, a substantial packing and marketing operation and is a leader in the Australian market. Members of the families work in the business.  These members are heavily involved in improving the viability and sustainable growth of the avocado industry within Australia through their close involvement with the industry body (Avocados Australia).

In addition to fruit production, the company operates Australia’s largest avocado fruit processing facility for the manufacture of value added products.  These products are supplied nationally to food service customers, the retail consumer market and to restaurant chains(QSRs). A range of processed smooth pulp, chunky pulp and other frozen avocado products such as the popular "guacamole" products are manufactured from non fresh-market avocados direct from farm.

Simpson Farms employees are committed to delivering high quality products and are continuously driving innovation to improve the efficiency of the production systems and ensure the fresh and processed goods are the very best. We strive to deliver excellence through the consistent supply of high quality fresh produce and processed products.

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