In various locations across the world, food technology research centers as well as universities have state-of-the-art high pressure processing technology from Hiperbaric in their pilot plants and research facilities.

Likewise, a good number of corporations and agrifood companies (generally those of a bigger size) have equipped their R&D centers with Hiperbaric systems.

Our absolute best-seller for this type of customer is undoubtedly our Hiperbaric 55 unit, which while being totally compact and integrated, and with a small footprint, offers all the features and capabilities of bigger industrial equipment, hence not only allowing research work and investigation but also commercial development, packaging validation in real commercial formats, market testings etc.

Hiperbaric has technological and R&D partners in USA, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Germany, Japan.

Further, within the corporate structure of Hiperbaric there are three HPP Centers of Excellence that offer our customers access to any tests, trials, development and validation they might require. These HPP Centers of Excellence are located in Canada (Gridpath Solutions Inc.), USA (Hiperbaric USA) and our headquarters in Spain (Hiperbaric, S.A.).

Some of our Technology Centers: