RTE vegetable or protein-based salads with a dressing, a maionese, or a dairy base, have very significant constraints and limitations in terms of microbial spoilage, shelf life, and organoleptic quality across refrigerated shelf life.

These are products involving relevant recontamination and cross contamination questions, because they mix several ingredients coming from different sources. Shelf life and food safety are truly a concern for food processors manufacturing premium and all-natural egg&mayo fillings, russian salads, hummus, cream cheese based preparations, vegan wet salads ranges, fish or meat salad offerings, etc. High Pressure Processing technology offers a very good solution for these types of SKU´s with no artificial ingredients. HPP respects the freshness and organoleptic quality of the original ingredients, reduces the contaminant and pathogen microbiota and prolongs shelf life. Because it is a post-packaging, nonthermal intervention, there are no post-contamination risks, and the flavors and quality shine through.

Hiperbaric is willing to help you understand the possible benefits HPP can bring to your All-Natural, No Artificial Ingredient offering of RTE salads, dressings, sandwich fillings…

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For more information please download HPP Wet salads and sandwich fillings pdf

PDF - Dressings, sauces and sandwich fillings whitepaper

PDF - Wet Salads & Sandwich Filling

Some HPP product examples

  • Sandridge Pacific Coast Cuisine
  • Sandridge Salad
  • Sandridge Salad
  • Rellenos Rodilla

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Scientific Literature

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