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History: 70 years of true entrepreneurial spirit. Italian talent and technique.

Between 40-50´s, Ferruccio Rovagnati Angelo decides to produce essential goods after World War II, making butter and cheese. Soon Paolo, his son, was encouraged to follow the footsteps of his father.
Between 60-70´s, Paolo persuades his father to begin producing salamis, encouraged by the economic boom with its established products (butter and cheese).
The ham is still a staple of basic level, but Paolo is convinced that they could improve and make it become a product of high quality by research and development
Gradually Rovagnati brand begins to stablish differences with his competitors. By that time, it´s sales network expands throughout northern Italy.

In the ´80s, the brand continues growing, and Rovagnati in 1985 produces 20 different types of cooked ham. It´s his specialty. After reaching the quality, the brand must move forward to go further. Great Biscotto brand is born.
At the same time the “Paceta” (bacon) is developed, looking for diversifying production and been at the forefront. Thus was born the "Sgrassatella".
During these years the brand begins to advertise itself. The name becomes important.
In the 90s, the advertising success is immediate. The company discloses across the country and keeps growing. It expanded to other areas and the Mortadella Faenza is launched to the market.
The brand also acquires a pig breeding farm in the Padano area in order to ensure full control of their raw materials (today is the largest farm at Parma)
In 2000, experiments a great development and new products emerged. In 2001 Rovagnati launches an automated system that sends hundreds of packages a day throughout Italy and even the rest of the world. In 2002 a factory starts in Arcore to develop new products as "Il Patatine" and the line "Taste Slim & Wellness".
In 2006, Rovagnati starts curing hams.
Today Rovagnati exports to many countries in Europe and outside Europe such as France, Belgium, Germany, Ireland and the United States.
Rovagnati´s commitment to making choices aimed at strengthening company and its corporate image in its target market, is matched by the continued stimulus to growth, in the full knowledge that the future begins with the present and rests on the tradition of the past.

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