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The idea behind Rhythm came to life almost seven years ago. It started when a small team of food experts – some of the best in the business, especially when it comes to natural food production – got together in the heart of the tropics with a shared vision of “putting nature’s intelligent design into practice” by taking inspiration from the world around them.
Set against the bountiful backdrop of the Philippines, we discussed the wonderful health benefits of coconuts, and decided to make the absolute most of them by creating pure, natural, nutritious (and delicious!) foods with health and wellbeing, and in particular, digestive nutrition, at their heart.
We were surrounded by tender young coconuts – basically the best kind for our drinks, the first addition to the Rhythm family – and looked at how we could give their benefits a boost by combining them in a really functional way.
While in research mode, our heads were turned by something called kefir cultures (renowned for aiding digestive nutrition for thousands of years), and we started to wonder what might happen if we coupled them with the tender, young milk from these wondrous coconuts…

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