RTE Meals (Ready to Eat Meals) constitute a successful application case and a good opportunity for further implementation of high pressure processing solutions in those cases where the food manufacturer is looking to include premium, all natural, extended shelf life entrées or meals as part of their product offering. HPP is suitable for refrigerated RTE meals in flexible sealed packaging such as trays, pottles, pouches or bags, and it can provide multiplied shelf life and increased food safety in product references that, due to their ingredient mix, can be tricky in terms of microbial spoilage and cross contaminations as well as eventual presence of pathogenic organisms.

Ready To Eat Meals videos


For more information please download HPP Ready To Eat Meals pdf



Some HPP product examples

  • Maple Leaf
  • Maple Leaf - simply Fresh
  • MRM Tapper´s
  • Sandridge Soups


Current HPP applications in the global markets include, in general, plenty of No Artificial Ingredients, Minimally Processed SKU’s like:

  • Vegan wet salads based on cooked peas, beans, chickpeas, sprouts…
  • Creams, soups and chowders,
  • Protein salads, protein strips for salad offerings,
  • Hummus, taboulé, guacamole, dips,
  • Dairy-, tofu- or mayonnaise-based fillings and spreads,
  • Culinary bases, foodservice and Out-of-Home applications,
  • Pasta or rice entrées with vegetables, with seafood or meat,
  • Complete meal kits and meal trays

Hiperbaric will be happy to assist you in the journey to market new, value added products with a fresh, natural quality, with flavours that shine through, better nutrition, and a extended shelf life.

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