HIGH PRESSURE PROCESSING (HPP) is a non-thermal pasteurization method that can be applied to cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

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Some HPP product examples

  • Pharma

HPP main advantages in the pharma-cosmetic sector are:

  • Greater safety without heat treatment: Drastically reduces the overall spoiling and pathogenic flora.
  • Extends shelf life maintaining functional properties and activity of thermo sensitive molecules (vitamins, proteins...)
  • Vaccine production: inactivation of pathogens (bacteria, virus) while saving its antigen response intact.
  • Production of new formulas: hypoallergenic, fewer preservatives...
  • Disaggregation and controlled re-naturalization of proteins of therapeutic interest.
  • HPP can be used to process a wide range of products: liquid and semisolid, emulsions, gels, etc. either middle products or the final product already in its commercial package.

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