• Marca España - Spain´s Technology

    Spain is a country rich in history, which has also fully bought into modernity. One of the keys to our success lies in the merger of tradition and avant-garde, coupled with a hard-working, courageous, creative people who are not afraid of challenges and who believe in solidarity. Marca España’s job is to promote all of these characteristics internationally.

    We are and should be at the worldwide vanguard in renewable energies, high speed, infrastructures, transport, logistics, the financial sector, security, ICTs, biotechnology, food technology and more. Our image should reflect the reality of our country because Spain is its own unique history, its tradition, its peoples, its innovation and its companies… But it is also its sports, which have become an example of success and a mirror for society as a whole. And its language, which has the second largest number of speakers in the world. And itsculture, the home of world-famous names like Cervantes, Velázquez, García Lorca and Picasso. And, of course, its cuisine