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Food Safety is our Business

Gridpath can assist you in many ways to ensure that the innovative high-pressure processing (HPP) method of eliminating harmful pathogens and spoilage organisms will be both practical, and work efficiently in your application.

Gridpath´s dedicated staff has many years experience in both the automation and food processing environments. Key members of Gridpath have been involved with this technology from its inception.

 Gridpath has unparalleled expertise in the material handling aspect of getting product into and out of the HPP presses. Additionally, we have developed many standard products to complete the process integration. Pre-feeder elevator hoppers, package drain-and-dry stations, along with U.V. units, and validation systems, to mention a few.

 Gridpath employs highly-trained staff with many years experience in the installation, service, and function of HPP equipment from all manufacturers. Gridpath´s designers and technicians can advise you in the efficient maintenance of your equipment. Further, if required, we can train your personnel in the efficient cost-effective upkeep of the production equipment.

 The auditing of production HPP equipment, and supply of spare parts to some of the world´s largest users of this technology, has become an everyday occurrence for Gridpath.

 Gridpath will work hand-in-hand with you to select the ideal equipment to fulfill your requirements. Then we work with you to achieve optimal performance, and peak efficiency.

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