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Procesado para la conservación de alimentos


Deli24 is a family business, founded in 2010 by Paul, Jeff and his father Adolf. They are currently the leading company in the UK offering HPP tolling services. In their facilities of more than 6000m2, they have three machines with which they service almost 50 customers processing more than 200 products. Products processed include meat products, seafood, a wide variety of beverages, sauces and dips, avocado and vegetable based products, dairy and pet food.


Deli24: innovation and food safety with HPP technology

Maquinas-HPP-Hiperbaric-Deli 24
Deli 24 has 3 Hiperbaric HPP units in its facilities.

It all started in 2010 when they realized that there was a gap in the UK market that was not being addressed, and decided to acquire their first HPP equipment, thus becoming pioneers of the technology throughout the UK. Now, after 14 years of experience and with a multidisciplinary team of food technologists and engineers, Deli24 is well positioned to help its customers position their products in the market and develop new concepts, thanks to the advantages of HPP technology.

HPP makes it possible to inactivate microorganisms and pathogens, without the use of high temperatures, thanks to high pressures (up to 6,000 bar), thus ensuring food safety and extending the shelf life of food for several weeks or even months. This helps to combat food waste and the use of preservatives, all without altering the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the products.

Although Deli24’s main occupation is to process its customers’ products with HPP technology, its objectives also include minimizing transportation and maximizing economies, which is why it has opted to also offer storage, thawing, coding and case packing solutions. In addition, in some cases they have developed strong collaborative relationships in which they have adopted a vertical integration of the production process, as is the case of Westfalia Fruit, which sends whole avocados and Deli24 is in charge of processing and packaging the final product, ready-to-eat guacamole.

Productos-aguacate-Westfalia-Deli 24
Westfalia avocado products being HPP processed at Deli 24

Deli24’s objective is to introduce and expand HPP technology in the food and beverage industry in the UK market and that is why innovation is a key factor for them, as the UK market is a particularly innovative market in terms of HPP technology applications. A lot of the projects they are working on are based on providing a solution for the innovative use of certain ingredients through HPP technology, not only in extending the shelf life of products.


Partnership with Hiperbaric

There are many things that Deli24 has in common with Hiperbaric, and one of them is precisely that mentality linked to innovation, with which they try to work every day. That is why the alliance with Hiperbaric has turned out to be the best option, since it has allowed them to offer a reliable and competitive service to their customers, thanks to the quality of the equipment, reliable and efficient, and also thanks to the after-sales services and applications that are, in their own words, “of incalculable value”.


About the future

At Deli24 they are optimistic about the future of HPP technology in the UK. Since embarking on this venture they have had high hopes for it and having become the leading provider of the tolling service in the UK they are confident that there is much more to come.

Deli 24-team
Jeff, Paul and Adolf Winter with part of the Deli 24 team.

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