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COL+ Colostrum is a revolutionary immunity health drink we call “Nature’s Gift”. It’s a rare and precious product from Nature. Only colostrum contains active antibodies that support human wellness via your immune system.

Here are some things you may not know about this funky, delicious 100ml health shot:

  • Made with colostrum and milk from free range NZ cows
  • Uniquely processed to protect the natural antibodies
  • 99.9% fat free
  • Proudly New Zealand made
  • And yes, it really is good for you!

With 1500mg of bovine colostrum in each tasty shot, every time you drink Col+ you’re supporting your nutrition and health, which helps your body to maintain:

  • A healthy, responsive immune system
  • The health of your digestive tract
  • Healthy, normal digestive function
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