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Even the most finicky juice aficionado would be hard-pressed to find an upmarket juice that packs more delicate and exceptional flavour notes than Coldpress. We pride ourselves on letting each and every one of our top-notch fruits express their individuality in terms of their very subtle yet distinct flavours and aromas.

Unlike other juices who remain reluctant prisoners to a 1950s flash pasteurisation process that unceremoniously cooks any fruit’s hard-earned flavours, vitamins and nutritional benefits to within an inch of their lives, we prefer to let our proud, hand-picked fruits retain their discrete yet proud regional nuances, thanks to a cold pressure process (HPP) that allows a Braeburn to still taste quite distinct from a Granny Smith, a Valencia orange to flaunt its unrivalled taste heritage and even historically more modest flavours like raspberries and lemons the freedom and confidence to tantalise your taste buds. All our juices are made from 100% prime fruit e.g. each 250ml bottle contains the juice of 3 apples or oranges whilst retaining twice the antioxidants and Vitamin C of traditional, heat-pasteurised juices.


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