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Casa Italia, is an established federally approved, HACCP certified deli manufacturer of premium Italian specialty meats.

Casa Italia has advanced greatly since our beginnings in the early 1900´s in Viterbo -Italy. Our skilled specialists have taken pride in creating fine Italian deli meats by using traditional methods and ingredients. Many of our basic philosophies remain the same, including the dedication to the highest standards possible in all aspects of our operations.

In doing so, Casa Italia today has a sense of pride and determination in producing premium Italian specialty meats. Products range from VERA Mortadella (No MSG & Phosphates) & VERALite Lactose Free Mortadella (A North American First), GRANDORO X- lean Prosciutto Cotto (with 21% Meat Protein) and Porchetta (slow-roasted X-Lean pork loins - 96% Fat Free) to many more salami and specialty dry cured products, now in Canada.

Our state of the art, environment is a model of efficiency, productivity and technology - maintaining Casa Italia´s consistent harmony of quality and authenticity. Innovation and unfolding of new products are what we will strive for in this ever-changing food industry.

Our Healthy Alternative Deli Line has allowed Casa Italia to maintain a splendid blend of the old and the new.


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