We strive towards
a more sustainable

An environment that always keeps people and the planet in mind. We work to increase our business competitiveness with an eye on sustainability, by applying energy efficienct solutions and offering solutions with a positive impact on society and the environment.

prioritizes sustainability

Our management style is focused on quality, innovation, and professional development, along with a commitment to employee well-being and a focus on the environment and employees. Learn about Hiperbaric’s environmental initiatives in line with our 2030 Agenda

Sustainability at

Good governance, and social and environmental concerns are the foundation of our activity and decisions. We are open to collaborate with institutions, business and industrial associations, financial institutions, universities, foundations, and all people who, like us, seek to build a better world.


Our values and purpose drive us to strengthen quality and innovation in our business model. We seek economic sustainability through regulatory compliance and stakeholder engagement.

to People

We are committed to the growth and well-being of our employees. We seek to grow by providing solutions with a positive impact on employees and the environment..


We are actively concerned about environmental conservation. We take action by doing our best to reduce waste, recycle, and improve our environment.

Hiperbaric supports United Nations Global Compact

As a participating partner in the Spanish Network, we are committed to responsible business and corporate actions to create the world we want, as established by the United Nations Global Compact.

Hiperbaric ODS Global Compact

Hiperbaric's contribution to SDGs

Discover Hiperbaric current and future  contribution to SDGs:


We drive the development of new, more sustainable technologies and we strengthen industrial infrastructures.
We achieve sustainable production and consumption, both our own and our customers', with actions that control the efficiency of our resources to reduce our environmental impact.
We develop compression technology in order for renewable energy and more efficient industrial equipment mitigating climate change.
We promote a management style that is a source of peace, not only for employment, but because our products and services are good for society and the planet.
We collaborate with R&D organizations, business associations, universities and other entities to achieve sustainable projects.
We develop HPP technology, safe food with longer shelf life and intact organoleptic properties, which help maintain a healthy diet.
We participate in activities aimed at guiding and supporting future generations.
We defend gender equality through multiple initiatives included in our Equality Plan.
We move towards a more sustainable model in all our technologies. With the compression of renewable H2 we favor the transition towards sustainable mobility.
We promote company growth through work-life balance and professional development of our employees.

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Download report "Sustainable Minded HIPERBARIC"

Download report "Sustainable Minded HIPERBARIC"