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Finger Limes: Versatile, tangy& only limited by your imagination!

Finger Limes are a Rainforest Fruit found on the borders of S.E. QLD and Northern NSW. There are two types, one with a green-yellow skin and pulp, and the other with a pink-red flesh. Each tree grows up to 6m high and produces fruit 6 to 12cm long, weighing up to 60g.

Grown on our privately owned farms in NSW, and using a cutting edge cold process allows us to supply perfectly preserved fresh fruit to you all year.

Our Finger Limes are preserved in Lemon Myrtle and Wild Hibiscus Flowers. Each fruit contains a kaleidoscope of red, pink and white pearls. The caviar like vesicles retain their juice, and when chewed, infuse a citrus lime taste unique to your palette. With a shelf life of 24 months, this is a stable and affordable fresh fruit. Each bag is re-sealable, and the fruits are conveniently portioned into 6 sections, making it simple to add to your favourite dish or drink

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